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Congregants gather to discuss topics of mutual interest with Pastor Junchol Lee.
Congregants gather to discuss topics of mutual interest with Pastor Junchol Lee.

Play the film 'Conserving the Dove Window: A Spiritual Journey Through Time'
Watch ‘Conserving the Dove Window: A Spiritual Journey Through Time’

You may already be a Swedenborgian!

Do you delight in the joy you bring to others, at home, at school or at work? If you answered "I try to", you may be a Swedenborgian! Because, in one sentence, that is the essence of our theology.

While based on the writings of the 18th century scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedenborgian Church is in the vanguard of a revolution is Christian thought. We take seriously the idea that God is love plus wisdom, that when Jesus said, "love your neighbor" was the greatest commandment, he meant it.

We believe your soul is developed through your intentions and actions in even the most mundane activities of everyday life. It is the character of your soul that determines the spiritual communities in which you will choose to participate after your physical body is set aside, not the doctrine you profess.

We don't ask you to turn off your brain when you pass through our church's door. To doubt, question, reason and come to your own conclusions are essential to spiritual growth. As is the emotion and the mystical. As one congregant put it: "we are the church where thinking people cry".

We delight in diversity! The wide variety of human experience is how we are taught what is meant by "we are made in God's image".

If any of this makes sense to you, stop by for a visit!

2107 Lyon Street at Washington Street, San Francisco
(415) 346-6466 or (415) 346-6468

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